Flambé Kitchen Collection

Carefully crafted light modules provide focused illumination where it’s needed the most, ensuring that every ingredient is properly prepped with precision. A reinvention of the cooking experience through tactile pleasure and aesthetic calmness.


Kush Vakharia (light module and prep stand)

Giacomo Cascella (light module and plating light)

Class Project, April 2023 Collaborative
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Finding the Spirit

This project was a collaboration with Giacomo Cascella. We created a modular system, where each light module could illuminate a specific cooking task.

Inspired by Chaos

Pure // Unobtrusive // Refined

Finding the Module Form

During the first half of ideation, we set our minds toward building a light module which home cooks could use to illuminate each specific task.

Splitting Off

I designed a hub for 3 light modules which would provide the full package of utility.


We built models of our designs which were showcased at Georgia Tech's Launchpad 2022.

A lighting solution that adapts to the chaos of the culinary process.

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