Interplay Seating

What if a chair could hug itself? What if a piece of metal could look like the stroke of a pen? What if an object could think just as creatively as you do? What if your seating could chat with other seats? What if your chair could make you closer with the people around you? Or, what if your chair could speak your language? Well, this one can. Interplay is the platform for the youth, radical minds, and anyone else to speak the language of collaboration, interaction, and play.

Class Project, March 2023 Individual
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Inspired by Play

Playful // Vibrant // Whimsical

Capturing that Feeling

The challenge was designing a chair that could embody a vision of human interaction, engagement, and well-being.

Refining the Form

Using 3D space became important to discover new horizons and push the boundaries further. I also utilized sketching to refine the details.

Trial and Error

This was my first time building a chair. I used EMT conduit for the leg of the model, and It took hours of trial and error, scrapping, and tweaking until everything was just right.

The platform for radical minds.

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