Love Level Hoodie

Introducing the Love Level Hoodie, a groundbreaking fusion of fashion and technology that dynamically reflects the depth of your connections. Powered by Arduino technology, this innovative hoodie features a unique design that gradually opens up as your bond with someone deepens, creating a visual representation of the organic growth of love and connection.

Class Project // Sep 2023 // Individual
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Original Concept

The original concept page for the love level hoodie was essentially the same. This project had a very quick timeline, so most development had to end at concept review.

Sensing Greetings

I built a sensor glove with 3 strategically placed FSRs to detect whether or not your greeting was a handshake, a friendly handshake, or a hand clasp.

Original Test Model Components

Original Test Model

The original test model did not have a strong enough motor and there was too much friction with the cords, so the model ended up failing many times, and didn't give the interaction I wanted.

Final Model

I used a stronger servo motor and embedded the system in a hoodie. I also added vinyl tubing to reduce the friction on the string mechanism, along with a bigger spool for more pull distance. The love level hoodie is the best way to show the person you’re talking to just how much they mean to you. If you’re ever at a mixer where you don’t quite know everyone, the love level hoodie shows whoever you greet just how much you know them, indicating how deep of a conversation you’re planning to have.

An Expressive Wearable That Shows How Open You Want to Be.

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