With agile, darting lines and a clean, yet ever-so-slightly aggressive form, the Van Moof E-Scooter teeters the line between looking blazing fast and built to last.

Upskill Project, September 2022 Individual
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Defining the Van Moof Brand

The most recent VanMoof DNA consists of hexagonal profiles, straight, speedy lines, and contrasting materials.

Inspired by the Future

Simplicity, excellent material quality, and beautiful surface transitions were at the heart of the inspiration for this product line extension.

The Motion of Speed

It was important to me to capture the light yet powerful look of the VanMoof V. After over 150 gestural sketches, I found one that spoke the language.

Solidifying the Details

After the gesture was found, I could finally hone in on how each part interacts within the system.

Building from DNA

Once I took the design into 3D space, I was able to flip between modeling and sketching overlays to come to a final form.

VanMoof's Most Compact Electric Transport Solution Yet.

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