Under Armor SureStrike Cleat

The Under Armor SureStrike is the next generation power boot for Under Armor’s soccer division. Turn into a shooting machine with the UA SureStrike soccer cleat. Built with precision in mind, the SureStrike cleat embodies surgical annihilation of the opponent.

Upskill Project, September 2023 Individual
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With all of these facts in mind, Under Armor is perfectly primed to create an innovative soccer cleat for its U.S. market.


Precise, cybernetic, and dominant. I wanted this cleat to feel like a precise instrument. It needed to turn the player into a shooting machine.

Finding the Essence

During the initial stages of the project, the goal was to map out the spirit of the design, the possible features, and the motifs that could show up. These journal sketches help me understand the big picture.

4 Concepts

I came up with 4 concepts, and decided to go with the most achievable yet innovative one.

Annihilate the competition with the UA SureStrike.

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