Fabric Fortress

Enable your little architect to stretch their imagination! With the fabric fortress playset, your children can teleport to a concert hall, a barracks, a doctor’s office, or anywhere else!

Class Project, December 2022 Individual
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Teaching kids executive function skills is vital to a child’s learning outcomes. I decided to add a sandbox aspect, where children could use the toy in many ways.

A Kid's Toy that Encourages Creativity
Little Builders

Play // Construction // Soft

Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

A modular stomp rocket, fort building toy, cardboard cutout plane launcher, and city builder were some notable ideas. I chose to develop these concepts further, as they all had some aspect of infinite play.

Picking the Concept

With this, children could sketch out plans, initiate projects over long timelines, and spend time with parents building it out.

Testing the Concept

By making a list of possible uses, I was able to come up with the features that would enable those uses.

Let your child architect their dreams!

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