Urban Outfitters Home Designs

A design challenge submitted for URBN in late 2022. This was a great exercise to sharpen my skills around designing within a brand's voice. I also had a lot of fun stretching my imagination as far as I wanted to with this project!

Skill Development, December 2022 Individual
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Reconciling Brand and the Future

During the research phase, I went to two separate URBN stores: one in Seattle and one in Atlanta. I also conducted desk research and trend forecasting to create a story for the product line.

Fall 2023 Mood, Direction, Forms, and CMF

Cozy // Clever // Laid Back

Ideation (On a Plane)

I did this project over a couple weeks, so I had to stick to a tight timeline to get it done. Post-it notes came in handy!

Dropped Concepts

I came up with 10 distinct directions which I could then narrow down to 3.

Fall 2023 Design Concepts.

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