Logitech Clip Go

The Logitech Color Collection wireless mouse is a compact and personalizable mouse made for students who are on the go. The Logitech Clip Go is all that and more!

Skill Development, August 2022 Individual
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I bought a color collection mouse to do a product teardown. This way, I could design its revamped version more realistically.

Maximizing Design Opportunity

Since this mouse, made for students, emphasizes portability, it needs to be durable, modern, and precise to withstand the student life.

Optimizing for Portability and Practicality

There were many wild ideas for how to make the mouse portable. I was also looking for something that could realistically be implemented by Logitech.

Narrowing Down

I chose the clip mouse concept. It was the most practical from a manufacturing standpoint.

A Budget-Friendly Classic Revamped for Portability.

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